This stunning moss and coral stone is a true beauty. The greens bring forth energies of nurturing and grounding, while the pink heals our heart and mind. It is said to be one of natures most healing stones. 

Our Recommendations:

  • keep with you during time of heart ache
  • bring to your therapy sesh
  • keep on you during energy work (no matter which side you are on)

Some properties of Unakite Jasper:

  • brings abundance
  • nurturing and grounding
  • passionate caring and kindness
  • balances emotional body
  • release blockages at all levels
  • connects us to our spirituality

We cleanse all of our crystals during the New Moon before putting them on the shelves - our methods for cleansing vary due to the nature of each respective stone. We encourage each individual to charge their crystal under the Full Moon with their own intentions.