Tarot Readings


As our storefront re-opens we are dedicated to still keeping our readings as accessible as possible. Online options for readings will continue to be available, as well the option to come in for a 1-1 reading in store. Please leave the appropriate details for your booking request (i.e. if facetime please leave your number). 



The Classic:
11 Cards / 30 minutes / $35*

This is traditionally an 11 card spread called the Celtic Cross that will reveal your deepest self, current self, challenges, environments, strengths, weaknesses, hopes and dreams. This is a valuable spread for beginners and those who need a major check in on their current life as a whole. The beauty of this spread is that it shows the inner and outer realms of our lives and how we connect and develop them in tandem.

*$5 of each booking of The Classic tarot reading will be donated to black organizations in Halifax (N.E.S.T, Hope Blooms, etc.)

The Solar Return:
15 Cards / 30 minutes / $45

A 15 card spread for each month of the year from the time of reading (12), a card for who + what you represent in this time (13), a card for a personal challenges(14), and a card for personal strengths(15). This does not have to be done on the day of your birthday or at the beginning of the year – it can be read at any time for the 12 months ahead.

The Quartz:
Undetermined / 45 minutes / $60

Named because, like quartz, this spread will run with whatever energy you give it. The amount of cards read is intuitive, with spreads being done from 1 card up to 21. It is limitless sessions revealing who you are, what your blockages and challenges are, what your current situation is, what your subconscious focus is, and on. This spread is a deeply personal and intuitive experience, where one must be open wholly to hearing about the great and the challenging. It will give you real insight and clarity. This is great if you are feeling major shifts happen or are making important decisions and need guidance.


The Duality:
Undetermined / 1 hour / $70

The duality is a two person reading. Whether you're lovers, twin flames, best friends, homies, mother and daughter. We will look at the context of your relationship and see what strengths, challenges, and dualities you both contain and bring to the relationship. We will start with a base spread and then leave room for adding more cards to understand the ground work of the relationship and go deeper into the patterns we see.

This is a vulnerable and impactful spread that will bring you closer together with whomever it is with. You may do this spread as one person to understand a relationship with the permission of the other person - it is invasive to read someones energy without their permission. This spread cannot determine the outcome of a relationship. The goal is to understand more, go deeper, and untangle what you feel from what you know. 


The Hotline:
25 cards / 45 minutes / $80

The Hotline Reading is your 1-800 access to the stars. This reading is based in astrology, and using tarot we will be deciphering the different energies in the planets and aspects for you and the pattern they are creating in your life at this moment. We've also added in your Midheaven and Chiron because we personally feel they are impactful and looking at the astrological influences as a whole is a great way to see the big picture. This is NOT a birth chart reading or interpretation. A base idea of your chart and astrology in general is helpful for this but not essential. We will explain the basics of each planet and position as well as the cards that come up for it. Like all of tarot, this is a way for us to access information to inform our lives and choices. We are not an oracle and can’t tell you what your life is set in stone - only what appears and is relevant right now. 



**PLEASE NOTE, that you need to enter the correct time when scheduling your appointment! If you schedule The Quartz for 15 minutes it will not book in the system!