This mysterious stone will always have you looking deeper - into it and everything you do when you have it with you. It's blue-black sheen changes in the light and often seems to emit a light of its own... kinda like you.

Our Recommendations:

  • when you need an intuitive kick (hello first dates and interviews!)
  • bring with you when thrifting to find the good-good
  • use when journalling and manifesting your future
  • when swiping through tinder

Some properties of Spectrolite:

  • intuition promoting psychic abilities
  • reveals truth and dispels illusions
  • strengths faith in self and trust in the universe
  • stimulates the imagination, but calms an overactive mind
  • develops enthusiasm and new ideas

We cleanse all of our crystals during the New Moon before putting them on the shelves - our methods for cleansing vary due to the nature of each respective stone. We encourage each individual to charge their crystal under the Full Moon with their own intentions.