Smoky Quartz is a part of the quartz family that deals with our roots and grounding energy. It's natural colour calls us to come back to neutral ground within our selves and our lives.

Our Recommendations:

  • bring with you when travelling or far from "home"
  • assist during cleanses and purging
  • keep it in your pocket while you reorganize your home

Some properties of Smoky Quartz:

  • detoxifies on all levels
  • helps clear the digestive system
  • protects against harmful environmental factors
  • lifts negativity and depression
  • relieves stress and anxiety
  • neutralizes negative energy
  • brings emotional calmness
  • reconnect to composure
  • grounding, inviting stability and security

We cleanse all of our crystals during the New Moon before putting them on the shelves - our methods for cleansing vary due to the nature of each respective stone. We encourage each individual to charge their crystal under the Full Moon with their own intentions.