Shy Wolf Candles

Shy Wolf Candles


Inspired by tarot, stardust, and rock'n'roll.

These hand-poured, soy wax candles are made in Canada and feature wonderfully blended and specific scents that embody the experience and energy of each card, record, or speck of magic. 

We carry most of their Tarot line in shop. If you have specific scent requests from their line please let us know and we can order them in for you!


The Empress

lavender + coconut milk
beauty - nurturance - fertility

The Emperor

Redwood, Cypress, + Oak Moss
stability - security - leadership

The High Priestess

lavender, sage, + patchouli
intuition - sacred knowledge - mystery

The Lovers

rose, lemon, + vanilla
love - harmony - unity

The Sun

citrus, tobacco, + cedar
vitality - warmth -fulfillment

The Moon

rosemary, eucalyptus, + spearmint
reflection - emergence - self-trust

The Star

honey, cocoa butter, + cinnamon
hope - purpose - renewal

The Hierophant

white tea, ginger, + florals
spiritual wisdom - guidance - faith

The Fool

sweetgrass, dew, + gardenia
innocence - spontaneity - free spirit 

The Chariot

amber, violet, + peppercorn
ambition - determination - success

The Hermit

leather, tobacco, coffee, + cedar
introspection - soul searching - solitude

The Wheel of Fortune

clove, white musk, + clary sage
turning point - good luck - destiny

Gold Dust Woman

nag champa, nutmeg, + incense


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