As Fiends continues to grow, we have to keep asking what we value and are we aligning with those values. 

Our #1 commitment is always to community. To seeing it grow and flourish; together and as individuals. And we know that community starts 1-1.

1-1 is where we can hold sacred space.
1-1 is where we can be vulnerable and dive deep.
1-1 is where we cultivate presence.

We will permanently be offering Private Appointments, whether you want to just come hang out and connect or if you need some extra help finding the things you love. We want you to have your ultimate studio experience. Want a puff on the roof? We can make that happen. Need an incense filled afternoon of symbology and astrology? You know we're here for that, too.




Fiends is not an essential service - if you are immunocompromised or have any health concerns or symptoms, please stay home. We offer readings online and are equally as happy to take you around the shop via the web as well.

We do not require you to wear a mask but it is encouraged, and there will be no-one else in the shop during your visit. Ultimately, your comfort and wellbeing is our priority. 

We have hand sanitizer at the door and washrooms that you may access if you would prefer to wash your hands.

We allow one bubble per appointment, please let us know beforehand or in the notes of your order if you intend on bringing another guest.

If you are ONLY getting a tarot reading, please book here. If you are shopping and/maybe getting a reading then book here. Please be aware that due to time constraints not all readings will be available during your appointment.