*Pre-Order* TAROT 101 e-book

*Pre-Order* TAROT 101 e-book


How do I read the cards?! What do they all mean?! I can't memorize all of that!

File these under things we've heard (and said!) hundreds of times about learning to read Tarot.

Want to know a secret?

You don't have to memorize each and every card to be a good reader. In fact, this may actually hinder you from fully realizing your relationship with the cards.

TAROT 101 is our take at learning Tarot - From The Ground to The Fruits, we take you through learning the language of tarot, building intuitive skills, learning to trust your intuition, and figuring out all the special ways you already know about the cards.

At Fiends, our approach is teaching you the language of the cards so they can tell you their own story. There is no memorization required, no prerequisite skills or knowledge. Just a curiosity for what is already in your field of knowledge and how that already helps you know so much about reading Tarot.

What can I expect from TAROT 101?

TAROT 101 is the compilation of a 6 lesson course on how to read tarot, broken down into 6 Major components:


We move through the base of our knowledge and belief systems surrounding tarot; what actually informs the language of tarot and places we can find references in the cards and our worlds to go deeper; the minor arcana, the stories within each of them, and the hierarchy of becoming within the suits; the major arcana and "the fools journey"; building spreads and using this knowledge to inform and guide our readings; how to build this into a practice and create rituals that are meaningful for your intentions with Tarot.

This is not a comprehensive guide on what the cards mean - it is a comprehensive guide on flowing with the many meanings of the cards and how to trust the stories we see within them in our readings. 

Pre-Sale Info

The e-book is currently in pre-sale mode and will be available officially by Mid-July.

We will be e-mailing out the PDF of this book so please ensure that you have an email available for contact in your order.

Will this be a physical book? Maybe! In the future, but for now we're going to offer it online for accessibility purposes.