Palo Santo

Palo Santo


Palo Santo, otherwise known as holy wood, has become more popular as a use in smoking practice. 

There are many contradictory sources about the health of these trees and their climate as well as the spiritual uses of this wood but it is safe to say that Palo Santo is a species that is under attack.

Our commitment to our community and earth is to donate 1$ of each palo santo stick back to forest restoration projects in Peru. We sell them only in individual sticks to emphasize the importance of taking care of our earth and staying present to the climate changes.

We urge individuals to use this tool with caution and mindfulness, and when you can to find alternative to burning it. The best way to get the longevity of your palo santo is to make an oil out of it and use that for ritual purposes.

In full transparency we bought our stock as ethically as possible before fully understanding the implications of it. Our source donates the proceeds to a forest restoration program as well as buys carbon offsets for the shipping of the product.

Our ethos behind stocking this product is that if people want it they will get it. To take charge of being mindful and education we made a conscious choice to do hours of research and found the middle ground as a business was to bring as much intention into the purchase of palo santo (and all ritual based objects) as we can without compromising the integrity of what we offer. 

If you can, we highly encourage you to find alternative to Palo Santo for your smoking rituals and to be a conscious consumer as often as possible. We do not aim for perfection, but we do aim for impact.

Price reflects that of one stick of palo santo.