"We created Ouid to solve a simple problem. We love to smoke weed, but don't want to get too high. So much care goes into rolling a great joint, but where's the fun in only enjoying one or two hits? We wanted a natural, low-tech way to savour our smoke without overdoing it. So, we teamed up with a registered herbalist and Ouid herbal smoking blends were born. "



Set the mood with this sensual blend. Embrace pleasure with the support of herbs like lavender, red raspberry and damiana, known for their ability to promote circulation and improve sensitivity. Use anytime you want to connect. 

Bouquet: floral, woodsy, warm

Tasting notes: smooth, mildly spicy, hints of malt and smokey citrus

Terpenes: limonene, linalool

Arouse ingredients

red raspberry leaf, damiana, lavender, catnip, calendula, lady’s mantle, passionflower.


Need a lift? Awaken your senses with this revitalizing blend. Featuring tulsi, peppermint, and gotu kola, these powerhouse herbs are known for their ability to spark and support energy and creativity. Stimulating without being too overwhelming, it’s the perfect pick-me-up.

Bouquet: fresh, cool, bright

Tasting notes: hints of pepper and clove, slight minty sweetness, lingering menthol tingle

Terpenes: pinene, limonene

Uplift Ingredients:

mullein, gotu kola, uva ursi, red raspberry leaf, tulsi, peppermint.


Chill out with this soothing and nurturing blend. Calm your body, ease your mind, and unwind with the support of mellow herbs such as catnip and chamomile, known for their ability to support relaxation. Perfect for anytime you need to wind down.

Bouquet: earthy, herbaceous, slightly sweet

Tasting notes: soothing taste of chamomile, hints of citrus and mint

Terpenes: linalool, myrcene

Relax Ingredients

catnip, marshmallow, mugwort, skullcap, lemon balm, chamomile, hops


Does not contain cannabis, tobacco, or nicotine

all information is from ouid.com