Fiends @home T-Shirt

Fiends @home T-Shirt


It's a pandemic, none of us are consistently wearing pants and all of us just want to embody the vibe of munchie duvet ghost. We get you - we are you. The Fiends @home shirt is our nod to the season of isolation with a ode to the vibrancy of spring.

Classic, soft, wearable and diverse with your sweatpants or bike shorts while still being transitional to fit into your "outside world" wardrobe. 

This limited drop is in collaboration with our local print shop and what they have on the shelves to try and reduce our impact and risk. This is a limited print and will not be run again - so if you love it get it quick!


Dove - White
Sand - Beige
Creamsicle - Orange Heather
Maraschino Cherry - Bright Red
Strawberry Jam - True Red
Raspberry Tart - Deep Red
Pylon - True Orange
Cloud - Light Grey Heather


5$ of each t-shirt will be donated to a charity of your choice (we will be putting up a poll on instagram for where the donations should go when we're ready to donate).


More Info

All sizes are unisex but because of the nature of this run we cannot guarantee all shirts will be the same brand or fit the same colour to colour. 

Male Model is wearing an XL in most colours and photos