This stone has got your back. Instead of a furry pal, you can put this spotted beauty in your pocket to bring forth the properties of the most loving bff. It's black spots are generally tourmaline so you get a double whammy of crystal goodness with this gooder.

Our Recommendations:

  • bring it to your puppy training classes
  • carry it along your crowded commute
  • great for complicated family dinners

Some properties of Dalmatian Jasper:

  • breaks down protective barriers
  • relieves the need for revenge
  • releases lack of trust
  • brings childlike joy and playfulness
  • grounding

We cleanse all of our crystals during the New Moon before putting them on the shelves - our methods for cleansing vary due to the nature of each respective stone. We encourage each individual to charge their crystal under the Full Moon with their own intentions.