Astrological Planners

Astrological Planners

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Nothing like a new year and the force of Capricorn season to help us get it together. If you've been aspiring to learn more about astrology, the moon, and how all these factors can affect us then look no further.

This planner comes in two sizes and two colour ways and is designed to improve your life by giving you information about the universe each day and helping you plan your life optimally in accordance with this information.

Each planner includes:

  • aspectarian + moon phases
  • optimum times life guide
  • menstrual moon tracker
  • monthly moons + intentions
  • astrological reference guide
  • weekly planner

The covers are made from a vegan leather that is as soft as egyptian cotton, has two ribbons so you can save where you are and information you want to reference, and has a system implemented in each month that not only helps you set powerful goals but also how to achieve them.

Soon you'll be able to predict your own horoscope!

Journal created by Magic of I