Our Philosophy

At Fiends, our core tenant is to educate and empower those that build community with us. We know that there is something for everyone - whether it be a product, reading, or space that is held - and the impact of listening to the needs of our community. We try our best to educate ourselves everyday so we can empower you to your greatest capacity - especially when it comes to the cards.

Tarot reading can get a scary and naive wrap - it can be seen as too literal, scary, or simply just coincidence. You can believe whatever is the most comfortable for you, but what we believe is that the cards are a tool. We read the cards to help understand where your energy is at and how that influences the projection of your life.

We also know that nothing is set in stone, and don't claim to act as an oracle. We are here to inform you of the patterns and learnings you're going through, as well as how to work with that energy.

A persons changes every moment of every day, which means your cards might too. Our goal with each reading is to give you enough information to enforce the future you see in the cards, or empower you to make positive changes so the future you see truly reflects what you want from your life.

The cards hold us accountable to all of our truths. Where our hearts, heads, and subconscious are at affect even the most subtle aspects of self and can be holding blockages that we aren't always aware of.

Sometimes readings can be uncomfortable and bring up parts of ourselves that we don't want to face. At Fiends, we promise to honour all of you without judgement and to keep all of our readings private. We respect the entirety of you and that we are all works in progress. While education is important to us, what is even more important is that you feel safe and seen during your reading (and after too!)

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