What is Fiends?

Fiends is a tarot and thrift store that is focused on building positive and impactful rituals in our lives. 

How does it work?

You can book a reading online, by calling, or walk-in appointment (not guaranteed). We post most of our products on the website and can ship internationally, but always recommend coming in if you can! Fiends is an experience in and of itself, and we always have fresh goods that never make it online! 

What do you sell?

We sell an array of ritual-focused goods. Pre-loved and vintage clothing + accessories, crystals, house-made bath salts, plants (curated and cared for by the local @housefullofplants), essential oils, objects of pleasure (yoni eggs + wands), jewellery and housewares (specifically curated for their potential ritual use), and a slew of womxn makers with products that are guaranteed to spark joy in your every day. 

What makes Fiends so unique and different from other thrift stores?

Aside from also being a tarot reading shop, we are focused on making every part of your life a ritual - including getting dressed. We also know how personal it is, so everything in the shop is curated elementally and by the zodiac. This helps us find what we're fiending and also gives us a ground to understand why we are drawn to it. 

How do thrift and tarot work together?

Tarot is all about reading ones energy, and how we live our lives is about how we project that energy. Tarot can help us figure out each individuals strength's and points of growth - with this information we can learn how to create a ritual that will support you! If you feel you are lacking confidence, perhaps we can find an article of clothing in a power colour or a stone that absorbs negative energy and emanates self love. We aim to give you a more thoughtful experience.

Can I rent your space?

Please contact us if you would like to rent Fiends, host a workshop, have a pop-up or anything in between. Quotes will be provided on an individual project basis. 


Do you do skype/online readings?

Not at this time! We prefer to get a real feel for your energy in person - it makes for the best readings. 

What will the cards tell me?

There is no way to tell for sure! Our philosophy behind tarot is that the cards will show you the placement and trajectory of your energies, and how that will manifest. Nothing is set in stone, and you are fully empowered to enforce or make shifts based on what you see in the cards. 

Do I need to have an intention for my reading?

No! While it can sometimes be helpful, the cards will pick up on what they feel needs to be addressed. If you are someone who is deeply in-tune with themselves you might find that the cards seem to tell you everything you already know! 

Can I bring someone to my reading?

Of course! We totally understand wanting to bring a pal or partner along with you. Your reading is your choice - please make sure this is someone you are totally comfortable around. The cards are reading your energy so if you feel reserved or like you don't want the person who came to know certain things, we would recommend coming alone or bringing someone you can be your full authentic self with!

If I book for PWYC Tarot Tuesdays online will I still be eligible for PWYC?

Unfortunately, no! Once our physical location is open and PWYC Tarot Tuesdays  are in effect, we will only be able to offer this for walk-ins. If you would like to book on a Tuesday online the standard price will stay intact.

I think Tarot is spooky! But I'm curious...

That is super fair! Tarot can feel spooky! But we promise it will not summon any spirits or demons. Tarot shows us the truths of ourselves and how that will potentially affect our future. We like to think of Tarot as an educational or guidance tool, not a set in stone future planner. 

I have a free reading! How do I book it?

If you have a complimentary reading from a contest, promotion, or donating clothes then it is good for up to 6 months from the time of receiving it. These can be done on a walk-in basis or can be scheduled by using the code on your card to book online. If you received a reading without a code you can walk-in or send us an email with a photo of your card and we will create a booking code for you.

Thrift + Products

Where do you source your clothing and goods from?

We source our stuff from all over, coast to coast. While we aim for high quality pieces that are made in Canada, France, Germany, and the likes. While we do a lot of our buying in thrift stores, we also have a donation program and work on consignment with online brands (like Jane Faye ).

Do you do consignment?

We work on consignment with curated brands that have their own online shop. Please contact us to see if your curations are a good fit for us and to learn more about our consignment process. We cannot guarantee that your products will sell nor are we responsible for your pieces while they are in store. If you have an online shop (instagram, etsy, etc.) and would like a place for people to try on your goods in person let us know! We are also happy to set up pop-up shop days within Fiends if there isn't competition between our offerings and yours. 

Can I donate to Fiends? How does it work?

Yes! Absolutely you can donate. Because we are a curated shop we won't take just anything - bring us your quality, loved, clean garments and we will look through to pick what we like. You are responsible for what doesn't fit in our shop. If we decide we like what you've got, we will give you a free tarot reading (type of reading is based on the quantity of goods we accept!) We are accepting high quality lingerie, night wear, undergarments and power pieces that make you feel like That Bitch when you wear them. All garment must be clean, we do not accept used underwear. 

Do you sell "fast fashion"?

No, we don't sell fast fashion. Our focus is on high quality power pieces, lingerie, and hand-made quality goods. Currently, our only "new" clothing that we sell is our Fiends crew neck which we get printed locally. 

I got a gift card for a reading - how do I use it?

Our gift cards act as a CODE! When you are in check out please enter the code on your card into the DISCOUNT CODE section and your reading will be compensated. If you are having difficulty or are unsure that your code is working please contact us. 


Where are your plants from?

We have a variety of plants, all of them curated by Jennifer Lee of @housefullofplants

How do I take care of my plant?

This varies greatly from plant to plant! You can pick up a HFOP guide to help you stay on track with your leafy pals and remember what care they all need or check in for our most recent Plant Workshop. If you want specific information, we will be posting the days that Jenn will be in the shop so she can answer all of your questions. 

Crystals + Ritual

Are your crystals cleansed?

We cleanse all of our crystals in house. The format of it depends on the time we get the crystals and the kind of crystal it is. We aim to cleanse them all regularly via the moon, and they get a salt purification as soon as they are in our possessions. 

Where are your crystals sourced from?

We source our crystals from a Canadian company called Stonebridge Imports, and they are sourced from all over the world. If you have a question about a particular crystal you can give us a call or check out the product page on the store. 

How do I cleanse my crystals?

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals! Popular ways involve the moon, salt, burying them in the earth, and pyramids. You can read this article for more information on cleansing your crystals and other ritual objects (including yourself!)

Do you sell bath salts?

We do! They are a special house-blend of epsom salt, pink Himalayan, rosemary, sage, cinnamon, and quartz crystal. They are sold in bulk in-store and can be found online in specific quantities. 

What is a yoni egg/wand? Are they safe to use?

Yoni crystals (aka crystals dildos, crystal eggs, pleasure wands, sex toys) are objects of personal pleasure made out of semi-precious stones. These products are made for self exploration, healing, growth, and pleasure. Our vaginas hold so much tension and energy - using the power of the materials each of these products are made of we can awaken and cleanse this sacred space and work towards the height of our sexual pleasure and fulfillment. We will be hosting workshops on this, sign up for our newsletter to get involved! We source our collection from yonicrystals.love - if you see a product that you want but we don't have in store please contact us and we will put it on our next order!

Where are your essential oils from? Are they pure? 

We source the bulk of our essential oils and blends from vitruvi - a Canadian company based on the east coast. Their essential oils are pure with the exception of the topical rollers and mists, which contain a carrier oil to keep your organs safe from pure essential oils. Our house blend is made by The Cure Apothecary and contains a carrier oil so it can be used multi-functionally, but a pure blend can be provided upon request. 

Workshops + Events

I have an idea for a workshop/event with Fiends!

Amazing! We love collaborating and invigorating our community with opportunities and learning. You can contact us here about your ideas and we will get back to you ASAP. 

Can I hire Fiends for my event?

Yes, you can hire us! Please contact us with your event details and we will give you a pricing list.

I want to sign up for a workshop/event, where do I do that?

You can check out our eventbrite for ticketed events, our facebook page for all event updates, and instagram to tune into new things happening. You can also sign up in store, or DM us about private events. 

Does fiends have a treatment space (i.e. for massage, osteopathy, acupuncture)?

Unfortunately no! We are not licensed for this, nor do we have the space. We can recommend you to services with people we love and trust though. 

Where can I leave feedback for an event?

Great! Feedback is an important part of our development process. You can contact us with any feedback and reviews you have, or find our survey here. 


Do you ship plants?

Unfortunately we do not! 

Do you ship internationally?

We can ship some products internationally, but do not cover the costs of duty fees or any other fees associated with international shipping. Some products (like our bath salts or hemp balm) are not approved to be sold over seas. Currently, we ship mostly domestically. 

What is the shipping fee?

The shipping rates will vary on size, product, and distance. If you are ordering gold or fine jewellery, we will give you an option for insurance on your shipping. We try our best to estimate shipping costs and make it accessible for our customers. 

Can I buy something online and pick it up in store?

Absolutely! If you want to do this please let us know and we will give you a free shipping code so you can pick it up in store. We have a small space so your order must be picked up within a week.