Events, Weddings, + Corporate

Tarot is a diverse tool that can be experienced in many different ways. The magic of candle lit readings, the team building capabilities, and the entertainment factor for parties and events. 

We have years of event planning and community building under our belts, as well as tarot capabilities. We understand the different roles tarot can play and we pride ourselves on being able to cultivate the perfect experience for your needs.

We have packages available for wedding parties, corporate events, parties, birthdays, and more.

Fiends Collective is a professional tarot reading service and we work with you to find what feels good.

We've curated sample packages for  Please contact us for further inquiries, rates, dates, and ideas that you have.

Wedding Package

As if weddings aren't special enough, the added magical element of tarot readings will take this never-to-be-forgotten time to the next level. This intimate, crowd-pleasing experience will intrigue all. Candle-lit readings never to be forgotten, even when the cards fade from memory.

  • compact spreads available for set period of time, unlimited guests
  • full duality reading for the married couple, at their leisure for up to 6 months after wedding
  • display to blend into your wedding theme and enhance the magic of the entire tarot reading experience

Bachelorette Package

What better way to start a party than with card readings? Whether you're keeping it low-key in a cottage getaway for the weekend or throwing a club bash we are here to lead the way into your bright, loving future.

  • A mini curated spread for each person in your party
  • A full spread for the bride-to-be
  • A crystal for each attendee
  • Our in-house-made crystal infused bath salts (to help with the hangover)

Corporate Package

A lot of companies make an effort to include wellness into their work environment! Seeing yoga, various modes of therapies, and team building outings in the corporate world is a step in the right direction for creating a space that is supportive and making sure your employees are healthy.

Checking in can be a huge part of that - and that's exactly what tarot does. With a specialized corporate spread we focus on what everyone on your team brings to the table and the picture you create together. Whether with individual readings that help everyone tune into their strengths, supports, and places of challenge or a group reading that helps everyone understand how valuable their individual role is we can create something that works for your office and team.

  • Want a totally immersed experience? Talk to us about our partnerships with other local businesses to create your ideal check-in wellness day
  • Spread(s) that are customized to your work team and their needs
  • An overview of your teams strengths and supports with each other


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