We take your health and wellbeing seriously on all levels.

During the pandemic our store is closed to the public, with our services and products being moved online.

We take care to sanitize the space thoroughly, and make sure we sanitize our hands as soon as we come into the shop. We wear face coverage while packaging your orders and make sure that whenever we get new stock in that it is wiped down thoroughly before entering the shop and your homes.

Because shipping is the new shopping, we have delayed shipping times. We are only sending out packages once a week when we fulfill enough orders to warrant Canada Post picking them up for us. Because shipping can take up to 2 weeks we cannot guarantee your shipping window frame regardless of the tier of shipping you pay for. This is unfortunately not in our hands, and while if we get express orders we will take them out immediately we still cannot guarantee any times.

If you've placed an order for curbside pick up, our pick-up days are Wed-Fri 12-2 unless otherwise arranged. We maintain 6 feet of distance, and as always we don't use an unnecessary packaging. This means if you would like your order to come in a bag, you can add a tote onto your order. Otherwise for efficiency, cleanliness (less surfaces less changes of contamination), and our earth we will be leaving products as-is on the doorstep outside (with some exceptions like shirts wrapped in brown, recycled paper). We please ask if you are sick or experiencing symptoms to please wait 2 weeks to get your order for the safety of us and our community. 

If you would like to support us during this time but don't financially have the means please consider sharing our content on social media and letting someone know that you love Fiends!

We ask if you buy a gift card, if possible, to please wait until 2021 to use it as it helps us greatly  to have some time to normalize and find balance.