Our Story

Why the name "Fiends"?

We're all fiending for something. Even though this word has over time come to have degenerative connotations, we wanted to reclaim an essential parts of its meaning and understand these desires we all have a lil bit more.

As a verb, it means to desire greatly. But as a noun it is the devil, evil spirits and demons, a diabolical person, wicked, and addicted.

Fiends is my way of acknowledging we all have a shadow side, parts of ourselves that are underdevelopment AND that we can lean into our desires without demonizing them. 

The Devil card comes to mind, and how we choose to chain ourselves and our identities to what it is that we want but tell ourselves we cannot have; how often these are things we have demonized within ourselves. It shows up in different realms, but our idea is that if we can look holistically at what it is we desire then we can start to unlock the energy that holds us there and start to live a more fulfilling life. 

Tarot is a huge part of this because it allows us to look at all part of ourselves and dualities we contain without having to have an inherent value system attached. We are able to leverage our own ideas and conceptions about how we want to show up in our lives and use the energy that is available to us to work through challenge and with strengths. 

How did Fiends start?

Fiends started because there was space - a gap in the communities our Founder was a part of. There wasn't a place to gather that felt like coming home - there were people, events, and practices - nothing permanent. The solid foundation was missing. As she started to assess what she felt she needed in her personal growth, the biggest hole was spiritually. 

As she started to slow down and explore her own skills and passions more, Forest realized that underlying all these seemingly random interests was a greater purpose that called to her. Through practicing and paying attention to her own daily rituals, Forest realized she had transformed her life into something unbelievable - and that she was slowly helping others do the same.

She decided to take all of her side-hustles, passion projects, deep yearnings to make an impact and build community and meditated on it. When she came out of the meditation, Fiends was in her mind fully formed. After months of trial and error, quitting jobs, doing work that was only fulfilling on the surface, and realizing that she would never be satisfied working on someone else's vision she had subconsciously (and consciously) categorized all of it until it came to her whole.

She started writing her business plan and never looked back.

What is Fiends?

Fiends, at surface level, is a tarot and thrift shop. But as soon as you walk in, you realize it is so much more. We've curated the entire shopping experience from colours, scents, and even how our products are organized so that everything you feel drawn to has a purpose. Beyond our physical offerings, fiends is a place for spiritual community and building ritual. We never want to tell you what to believe in or how to service that belief, only hold space and tools for your personal discoveries.

Our Services + Products

Fiends offers a selection of products and services all carefully selected to be as sustainable and local as possible. We've taken extra care in all fields to make sure we offer something for everyone and to make our brand something that enriches every part of your life it touches. 

TAROT/ readings for every stage + curiosity of your life

THRIFT / curated power pieces, leather, and lingerie to make you feel powerful

RITUALS / crystals, bath salts, essential oils, personal pleasure - we have it all

WORKSHOPS + EVENTS / educate, explore and build community

Our Philosophy

We believe that everything in life is a ritual - or at least has the potential to be. We also understand how personal rituals are so we give you space and resources to create them in a way that feels good for you. Whether it's how we present ourselves in the world, what we ground ourselves with, or the community that helps reinforce and teach us about ourselves. Where we put our energy and how we utilize it impacts us, so we want to give you honest and authentic experiences at every level of Fiends to help you bring your favourite self to the world.

Hours of Operation

Wed-Sat : 12-7 ADT
Wed - Sat : 12-5 ADT