Handmade in small batches, these blends from the heart of Nova Scotia are perfect for finding alignment through your days and creating strong rituals.

Each blend helps support a different chakra, with unique takes on classics and new blends you will fall in love with.

Strength - Root Chakra

The Strength essential oil blend encourages connection to body, Earth, and the physical world. A comforting blend that is grounding, strengthening, and warming

· Make a natural cleaner by combining with vinegar and water
· Diffuse 3-4 drops for a grounding and comforting aroma
· Dilute in carrier oil or lotion and apply to the bottom of feet before bed to provide 
· Support for the root chakra and encourage a feeling of safety and restful sleep

Ingredients: Clove Bud*, Lemon, Black Pepper*, Eucalyptus*, Rosemary*

Create - Sacral Chakra

The juiciest blend. Create is soft and feminine but also strong and intense. Lovingly referred to as the Super Woman blend, Create encourages us to stop overthinking and start being in the moment.

• Diffuse before creative endeavors - music, design, creating of any kind
• Use before a meeting to be rooted in powerful feminine energy
• Add a few drops to your dry brush to energize your morning routine
• Add to water for a fresh all-purpose cleaner

Ingredients: Grapefruit*, Pink Pepper, Geranium*, Atlas Cedarwood, Blood Orange

Relax - Solar Plexus Chakra

Sleep and rest are two of the most important things we can do for ourselves. The dreamy Relax blend instantly tells your nervous system that you no longer need to keep your guard up.

· Diffuse before bed and throughout the night to promote deep restful sleep
· Gently bring yourself back to the present moment
· Mix a few drops in Epsom salts and enjoy a relaxing bath
· Add a few drops to body butter, lotion or a plant oil to calm skin

Ingredients: Elemi, Cedarwood, Lavender, Helichrysum, Ylang Ylang*

Harmony - Heart Chakra

Harmony for the heart, body, mind, and soul. Release the things that no longer serve. Protect from negative energy. Cultivate peace and balance.

· Diffuse for an uplifting and woody aroma
· Elevate your meditation practice
· Encourage the release of negative emotions
· Add a few drops to salts for a peaceful and rejuvenating bath

Ingredients: Palo Santo, Cypress*, Patchouli*, Sage*, Key Lime*

Breathe - Throat Chakra

Breath is sacred. When we have trouble breathing, our energy can become stagnant and a block is created between our head and body.

· Headache/tension relief
· A refreshing aroma on hot days
· Afternoon pick-me-up
· Place a drop in your face mask 15 minutes before use for a cool and fresh scent

Ingredients: Peppermint*, Cypress*, Eucalyptus*, Bergamot*, Tea Tree*

Intuition - Third Eye Chakra

Your intuition is your superpower. The Intuition blend calms the nervous system, increases focus and encourages us to tap into our vast resource of inner wisdom.

· Increase focus
· Support meditation practices
· Enhance yoga practices
· Diffuse for a dreamy and focusing aroma

Ingredients: Amyris, Frankincense*, Patchouli*, Rosemary, Key Lime*, Ylang Ylang*
*certified organic ingredients