Crystal Infused Bath Salts - Seaweed Grapefruit

Crystal Infused Bath Salts - Seaweed Grapefruit


Y'all know that a bath can sometimes be the ultimate ritual. It's a one of the few places we can truly immerse ourself with all of the elements and let the magic happen with us instead of because of us.

Our salts are made by hand with as many local ingredients as possible, and always sustainable.

We would recommend adding this blend to regular epsom salts to get the full effects of a salt bath soak. 

Our bags are dosed out per bath (~25g each) - keep them in the tea bag for less mess or pour it all in and soak amongst the blooms. 

pink himalayan salt, dead sea salt, epsom salt, crushed quartz crystal powder,  dried local mint, pure grapefruit essential oils, organic seaweed powder