Kindly crafted micro-dosing capsules for all your moods.


Kindly crafted to enhance immunity, brainpower and overall well being. It’s a good day to have a good day.

30 Capsules/Bottle
Psylocybin 100mg
Lion’s Mane 150mg
Reishi 150mg


Kindly crafted to awaken your curiosity, open your eyes, and lift your spirit. Please enjoy your flight.

15 Capsules/Bottle
Psylocybin 250mg
Shizandra 100mg


Kindly crafted to boost your mood, sex drive and feel-good feelings. The absolute spice of life.

30 Capsules/Bottle
Psylocybin 150mg
Maca Root 150mg
Siberian Ginseng 150mg
Cacao 100mg


Kindly crafted to ease anxiety, encourage relaxation, and transport your mind into daydream.

30 Capsules/Bottle
Psylocybin 125mg
Ashwagandha 150mg
L-Theanine 150mg


Kindly crafted with extra potency to enhance your mood, expand your mind, and amplify your wellbeing.

30 Capsules/Bottle
Psylocybin 125mg
Passionflower 125mg


Kindly crafted to help your mind drift into a wonderful journey through the tides of life.

15 Capsules/Bottle
Psylocybin 500mg


Must be 19+ to order. ID will be required before online orders are processed. Only available in Canada.