Serena Haines - Somatic Sex Educator + Pleasure Coach


For too many years I believed our sexuality and sensuality were meant to be hidden. My mission is to provide space both mentally and physically for all of us to explore that sensual power we have within. Through hands on erotic work for couples and solos, workshops, online call coaching and vulva only group work I will lead you through the calling you feel deep within. Allowing ourselves permission to really feel into our sex and sensuality is how we will feel fully connected to our lives.


A lil deeper...

What does magic look like for you?

Magic is a feeling to me. It's the tingle I get when I know I am on the right path. It's the expansiveness in my chest when I remember who I am and what I am capable of. It's that moment that I see an ah-ha moment in another persons eyes and I know they have met themselves a little more for the first time.



Who do you love being? What parts of you are juicy to sink into?

I love being "woman". I love the entirety of it. I love sinking into the knowledge that everything is within my being.


My mission in life is to facilitate the growth of sensuality and divine energy in the world around me. The more people I can help connect to their own sexual powers the bigger my heart becomes.


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