Sarah Cresswell - Creatrix, Co-Host + Facilitator


Sarah Cresswell has a passion for all things creative. This Cancer sun, Leo moon and Cancer rising babe, is a force to be reckoned with. Since 2019, Sarah has co-hosted Halifax's first podcast about motherhood and sexuality, The Momgasm Podcast. More than just a podcast, Momgasm is a production company built to inspire womxn and folx to smash stigmas, lose the shame and say goodbye to taboos. Through live shows, events, retreats and unfiltered honesty, they are two mothers on a mission. Sarah is also a creative guide, workshop facilitator, artist, graphic designer, producer, and dress-up enthusiast.
Sarah devotes much of her time and life learning about therapeutic image-making, sexuality & trauma, and menstruality. She is very passionate about connecting womxn to their wild power within, whether that be through understanding shame, cyclical living, or connecting you through the arts. Her mission is simple - to help womxn remember their wildness and radiance.


A lil deeper...

What does magic look like for you?


There is magic within each person, for womxn, we hold the power to create universes. Within each of us is the power to create and to destroy, as Nayyirah Waheed so beautifully put, "I bleed every month but do not die, how am I not magic?". Womxn are inherently magic. 

Which part of your astrological chart (to your knowledge) is your favourite? And your most challenging?

My favorite part is the amount of Cancer in my chart. My chart is made up of equal parts fire and water, which creates this utterly unique knowledge and ability to quench my fire, and simultaneously, boil my water. Only recently have I grown to feel at ease with my firey nature, water always felt more natural to my state of mind but the more I tap into my wild power, the more I come to love my fire.

Who do you love being? What parts of you are juicy to sink into?

This question is interesting, for two reasons. While there are many parts of Sarah, I am neither one or the other - I am all of them always. But on the other hand, to consider consciousness and subconsciousness, I have grown more comfortable with that parts of myself that have been hidden from myself and others. To sit in the unknowingness and stillness of who I am, brings me so such excitement. I love diving into the darker parts of myself to see who I am underneath what you see.


IG: @sarecress / @momgasmpodcast


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