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Hi! I'm Rowan, a freelance journalist, social media manager and interior stylist. I live to bring a sense of home to everyone I meet. I've been curating my space for as long as I can remember and I hope to someday bring my passion for homemaking to Halifax in a tangible way.


A lil deeper...

What does magic look like for you?

I've always found enchantment in the simplest of places and still experience magical moments every single day. I find it in my morning cup of tea or when my puppy voluntarily rests his head in my lap. Magic is present when I'm laughing with my friends over something nonsensical that no one else would understand. It's even present in my random interactions with strangers (of which there are many). I think it's present for me in so many places because I choose to see magic wherever I go.


Which part of your astrological chart (to your knowledge) is your favourite? And your most challenging?

Until last year I was only aware of my sun sign which is Virgo. There's still so much for me to unpack but it's interesting to see how much comfort I find in learning more about myself through my astrological chart. Right now I'm learning more about my rising sign which is Cancer and I'm having so much fun connecting the dots.

Who do you love being? What parts of you are juicy to sink into?

I love being the kind of person people feel comfortable around. I've been told by a number of friends and strangers that they feel compelled to tell me their intimate truths and I feel honoured (and honestly, sometimes overwhelmed) to hold that space.


IG : @rowanmorrissy


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