Forest Greenwell - Card Witch

Forest Greenwell - Card Witch

Forest Greenwell - Card Witch


Hi! I'm Forest - found of Fiends Collective, author of 2 (kind of like mother of 2 for writers), tarot reader, general creative entrepreneur... many things and also not so many things, as we all are.

I wanted to create a community about the things I was most curious and inspired by in life - essentially, all filed under magic for me. Womxn, Ritual, Spirituality, La Luna, Symbology, Astrology, Crystals, Sound Bathing, Meditation... so many access points, so many overlaps that all deserved a place to be explored. Where we can have a meeting ground for how we create and support our spirituality; within that our creativity, our passion, desire, will, compassion, patience, and everything else important.

Fiends is something special. I can feel it sweep me away from what I thought I could conceive into a realm where I'm reminded life is only something we experience, not something we can control or plan. The deeper I dive into myself the more of me I find waiting to be explored and I can only imagine there are so many of us feeling similarly. Fiends is my most authentic expression at trying to bring what I find and feel called to share to the surface to be of service to those in the community. To be a platform for those who have the same inner duty to do the same. 


A lil deeper...

What does magic look like for you?

To me, magic is a few things. The first is trust trust. Whether it is the universe asking us to trust it, us learning to trust ourselves, being in a flow of trust, trusting the resistance we feel as a deeper message. 

The second is integrity. When we have integrity between our actions and our needs, when we can trust ourselves to move and act with integrity is where strength arises and power is formed. This is where we can move and create mountains within ourselves.

The last is imagination. In tarot, everything we do is first and foremost built upon our minds. Every thought, expectation, idea, way of being that we have and give energy to shows up somewhere else in our life. When we dare to trust our imaginations enough, and show up with integral actions to support what we see and feel we can make things happen in the world that would seem impossible - that feel like a fairytale. That is magic to me.

Although I do many things like carve runes into candles, meditate, harness the power of creation energy, read tarot and write spells the thing that makes all this work is that I use these to add momentum to things I am already going to do. We must DO.


Which part of your astrological chart (to your knowledge) is your favourite? And your most challenging?

I think my whole chart is quite interesting, but I'd say that what I lean into the most is my Mercury in Virgo, Moon in Aquarius, and Venus conjunct Sun in Leo and Cancer Rising. Here are all the elements, with the sun and moon amplified twice. I think within that the Venus conjunct Sun in Leo is probably my most enjoyable for me as for me it shows up as a deep affinity for beauty and pleasure, as well as optimism. I'm aesthetically driven, but this shows up in more ways than just on the surface. There is also a beauty in which we move through the world that I find particularly nice.

My most challenging... I would say my Saturn in Pisces is really hard for me. Pisces is this dreamy, ethereal, spiritual sign and Saturn is all about restriction, authority, guilt, resistance, and delay. I think that as a spiritual person and especially as someone who builds community and works within spirituality this causes a feeling of imposter syndrome all the time and creates a big struggle with my personal practices because as much as I love them and need them they always seem to be in flux or elusive.  

Who do you love being? What parts of you are juicy to sink into?

I love being an artist; poetry, photography, design, colour, music, dance... I've always been drawn to these things. I actually studied percussion for 5-6 years and vocals for three. I think there are also many parts of me that I love being that I'm moving through some shame about; or perhaps more accurately that I'm unveiling to myself. I love that I can move past superficial layers of my being without being egotistical about the progress I've made. 


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