Amanda Baiocco - Meditation Guide + Sound Healer


Amanda Baiocco is a sound practitioner, meditation guide, woman’s health advocate, and a space holder. Through ritual, meditation, and sound Amanda opens and holds space for you to tap into your physical, emotional and spiritual body. When we slow down our bodies and active conscious minds, we can find rest, wisdom, and deeper connections to ourselves. Amanda believes in the power of sound in enabling access to calm and quiet that is required to tune inwards and tune out the noise.


A lil deeper...

What does magic look like for you?

Magic is really about knowing that we are all connected. The invisible forces that connect us all are a big part of the magic- intuition, instinct, emotion, thought.


Who do you love being? What parts of you are juicy to sink into?

I have worked really hard on loving myself totally so I love being Amanda. I have a juicy heart that allows me to sink into the emotional realm very easily, I can hold myself and others in their pain, joy and human experience because of this.




Amanda is the co-host of Impractical Spirituality.
You can connect with Amanda and learn more about her work here.


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