Episode 1 : What is Spirituality?

Episode 1 : What is Spirituality?

Episode 1 : What is Spirituality?

What is spirituality? Outside of text book definitions, spirituality is always evolving and changing so the beliefs we live by are supportive of the society and communities we continue to foster and develop. 

There is no one way to be spiritual; no one kind of spirituality. In the light of the fast changing world, what does it mean to be spiritual in today? How do we find this path? What does it look like? How does it feel? 

Forest Greenwell, owner of fiends and Amanda Baiocco meditation and sound bath facilitator dive into their own Spiritual Awakenings - how they use it to foster their day to day lives now, and how it has evolved. Using humour, messiness and honesty as modes of exploration into spirituality. 

Episode Details:

Music: Dig Up My Grave - Little Coyote (@littlecoyotemusic)

Host: Forest Greenwell (@theforesteden)

Guest: Amanda Baiocco (@amandabaiocco)

Presented by: Fiends Collective (@fiends_co)


  • This conversation infused words and meaning into a lot of emotions & experiences that are so resonant to me at this time. Thank you for your beautiful, unapologetically REAL perspectives on being human. This episode has shifted my reality. Thanks for a good chuckle too. With love,



  • I really enjoyed the episode, Forest and Amanda. You both have beautiful voices and mindsets. Thank you and keep well.

    Yannan on

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