Episode 2: What is Astrology?

Episode 2: What is Astrology?

Episode 2: What is Astrology?

What is Astrology? This is such a huge question as astrology and zodiac culture permeate pop-culture and the idea of occultism. It is a diverse world of knowledge that has been used for centuries and has endless pockets and modalities in which it is used and studied. So how can we wrap our heads around this useful tool and find out what's fact or fiction about the planets and stars.

We got together with Anastasia Lemon from @sunmoonsquared to talk about astrology - not just the zodiac signs but how we can approach using it practically in our day to day life. Like should we even be using it daily?

Is astrology a facet of spirituality? What do you need to know about your chart to have a working knowledge of astrology? How can we utilize what show up? What are the true basics? Why does astrology work? Listen to learn the answers to these questions and more as we break pop-culture taboos on what astrology looks like and how anyone can apply it to what they already know in life.

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