The Clair's

The Clair's

The Clair's

Do you ever feel that you know things without really knowing them? That somehow information is delivered to you, seems to hang in the air for you to pick up on? You may be a Clair.

Clairvoyance is a extrasensory perception that helps people with this gift to be able to translate the energy of something - whether it be a thought, intention, truth - and "decode" or analyze it into a tangible understanding. 

There are a few different ways this shows up:


The ability to have knowledge that was not tangibly passed down to you; intuition of thought


The ability to viscerally feel another persons emotions, intentions, and thoughts; intuition of feeling


The ability to hear information in other "realms"; intuition of hearing


The ability to perceive future events; intuition of energetic paths

Often these traits will show up with two or more, often supporting each other. The idea is that this is a spiritual gift, and a lot of the messages we get are from "Spirit" - a higher self, a collective consciousness, whatever you understand it to be. ESP (extrasensory perception) is the specific way individuals that experience the Clair's are able to do so. 

So what does it mean? How does it show up?

Well, being a Clair means you probably give great advice. People might often say you are wise, older than your age, and look to you for advice on matters they often aren't able to solve themselves.

You might have a lot of conversations with yourself in which you get rational, logical feedback. These conversations appear to be between you-and-you, but are actually between you-and-higher-you!

This gift allows you to get a pretty accurate reading on people as soon as you meet them - their intentions, mood, and overall energy are something that you can decode pretty quickly. The closer you get to people the more you can understand how they are feeling and even get so intertwined that you can sense how they're feeling from far away. 

And if you're finding yourself hearing things and perhaps even spooked by it, you may be tapping into another realm. Creaking, foot steps, like the air is muffled - these are harmless spirits near you; either to bring messages to you, or just watching over you. If you hear it at unwelcome times you can always ask them to speak up and be clear, or to please leave you alone while you're trying to sleep! Often we are trained from such a young age to be frightful of things like this, that our intuitive ability to feel the intentions are overrided by fight or flight instincts. 

You may have dreams that are mundane, that play out strange but simple places and things. People you may not have met yet, places you have yet to go, specific conditions that will pop-up like deja vu when you do experience them in real life. Often, you have the feeling that you have dreamed what is happening before. You may even find that as you more intuitively follow your path that it may start happening more often and become less surprising - almost as if it is a check point!

There are many ways these gifts appear, especially in reading Tarot!

If you wish to delve more into this world and navigate these gifts, join us at The Clair's - a bi-weekly meet up to humanize being in-tune with our worlds and to learn to utilize this intuition to create the life we see.


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