Sagittarius Season + Crystals

Sagittarius Season + Crystals

Sagittarius Season + Crystals


Sagittarius season welcomes us into is bounty from Nov 22 - Dec 21 as we delve into the learnings and lessons from Scorpio season and how to make the necessary changes that salve our wounds.

Sagittarius is known as the archer, or philosopher. There is a lot of curiosity, play, and fiery magic to this time. It's a social season, which makes sense in the lead up to the Holiday season and also why we can crash and burn so easily - especially after Scorpio that more or less told us to stay at home and deal with our hearts.

This is a time to take serious matters (like how we love, what we need from our sensuality, and how to commit to our basic needs and recognize them) and give ourselves space to play in them. This is a time to try things on for size, knowing every time we get something wrong (or right, or not quite right) that we're still moving ever so slightly closer to that target Sag is looking at. This is a time of true development and expansion.

The Nitty Gritty

Element : Fire - bold, playful, demanding, enticing, spicy

Planet : Jupiter - faith, optimism, luck, expansion

Quality : Mutable - adaptable, flexible, sympathetic

Dates : Nov 22 - Dec 21

Symbology: Archer + Philosopher - higher intelligence bringing heaven and earth together, grounded but also a dreamer

Sagittarius are the people that help us expand our reality. They help us look at what is true right now -  what we are grounded in - and bring us higher so not only we evolve, but what we see as possible grows too. This innovative energy helps us to value our knowledge as it's the stomping ground that we can feel we know so well, but with curiosity and play discover things that aren't possible through serious scouring. Sag shows us that we can always add an extra spin and that nothing is too weird - in fact their oddities are what makes them special and helps us see all the potential there is in the world.

On the flip side, as there is with any sign, the depth of knowledge Sagittarius possesses can be used to burn instead of illuminate. This is the kind of sign that always thinks they are right and will go to the darkest and deepest lengths to prove it right. They can be vindictive, knowing how to get under your skin. They have no problem holding back what they think which can be exhausting when you feel like you're constantly at the whim of their criticism and ideas. The inquisitive nature of sagittarius isn't always put to good use, and can come across as nosey or invasive. It is easy to exhaust ourselves during this season as we try to keep up with everything we think we "should" be doing and to slip out of the state of real learning and inquiry (which requires sacrifice on our end) and into roboticism that has us going through the motions and making a mockery of all the real hard work we've done and been doing. 

Sag Season Crystals

Peridot - inspires eloquence, creativity, delight, and cheerfulness

Green Tourmaline - promotes meditation, spirituality, wisdom and mysticism

Imperial Topaz - supports visualization, manifestation, creativity, generosity + bring light to shadow aspects

Jade Nephrite - increases enjoyment of life, promotes self confidence, access spiritual world, insight to ritualistic knowledge

Black Obsidian - cleanses psychic smog, brings forth gifts of prophesy and claircognizance

Black Onyx - stimulates wise decision making, happiness, develops emotional and physical stamina, protects personal energy

Clear Quartz - enhances spiritual receptiveness, manifestation, and power of your own thoughts and energy

Bloodstone - increases intuition and creativity, blood cleanser

Hematite - courage and self confidence, stimulates mind and will power

Pro-Tips For Sag Season

  • Set your goals + intentions and keep them in mind, the archer needs this to know where and what we're moving towards
  • Don't overextend yourself. There are so many exciting and enticing things going on at this time of year, but nothing compares to a hot bath and early bed time
  • Stay Hydrated! I think this is important during any fire season, particularly if you're a water sign
  • Don't take it so seriously - Sag is a mutable sign which means it is flexible af. In its plans, expectations, and needs. Be with where you are at and know that it's okay if things aren't linear. 
  • Invest in learning - whether is a physical hobby, reading more books, or doing something introspective (like yoga or meditation) that brings you more into yourself, this is the perfect time to get the ball rolling on those things you've been interested in but maybe haven't delved into
  • Get enough sleep. Sag is like a kid, super excited and can extend their energy way longer than you'd expect - but not without a price to pay.


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