#MOONMOODS - Leo New Moon + Virgo Season

AUG 18 - 25

A big hello to you, I'm happy to be here today. I'm happy you're here too, reading this with me. Before we dive in, I want you to know above all else and no matter what this e-mail or content is for you that you are supported. Sometimes support isn't obvious - we need to reach out in ways that feel jarring or that break our perpetual patterns of lonesomeness but I guarantee you that right now there is something in the world that will have your back as soon as you say the words "I need help." I am one of them - and just know that you can directly reply to these e-mails at any time if you need a lil extra lovin in your inbox.

Today, finally, we have a New Moon in Leo. This is a time of great release. Sometimes very loud and jarring release after spending so much powerful lunar energy in Cancer. I've been talking a bit about how the New Moon in Cancer turned the Leo spotlight inwards more than outwards, but now we're seeing how all of that inner light really does serve to shine outwards in the world. That when we spend time giving some well-deserved rays to the skeletons in our closet and the shame under our bed we come out with a lot more compassion for the things we don't understand in ourselves and the world. The generosity of Leo has been amplified in many areas; and now it's taking what we've learned from all these misunderstoods and bringing it from our inner worlds to our outer worlds.

The New Moon has a LOT going on in it, and it's a time to set intentions for the coming cycle. Our next Full Moon is in Pisces, so how I am seeing this is that what we bring into the spotlight now, what we generously give our love and affection and how we choose to lead and use our voices will impact deep parts of our psyche and spirituality as we come into the Full Moon. I would recommend taking some extra time to rinse the cup clean so to say before adding anything new in there. This is a time to release deeply especially on the verge of Virgo season which wants us to get grounded, get going, and get our shit together - lovingly of course.

Some things to ask yourself and journal about this New Moon:
- where does working in my shadows serve me and my community?
- is there somewhere in my life that I can have the courage to talk about what I need? What are my fears there? Can I release them with love and gratitude for keeping me safe until you are ready to act?
- what are my values? How do I show up in my values through my actions and words? Do my values come from a place of love for myself, my needs, and my communities needs?
- where am I a leader? Have I embraced or denied this role? How does it serve me and my community to step into that?
- what makes this process feel enjoyable? Is there a luxury or reward of some kind that can help me navigate my the work I need to do without feeling drained or uninspired?

On Wednesday we move into Waxing Crescent with Virgo in the playing field. This is where we set our intentions after giving ourselves space to let go. Virgo is a great place to set intentions, but it can also go overboard with the analytics. Sometimes having too many things in our focus can be overwhelming instead of productive. If you have a to-do list, try breaking it down into manageable bites without giving yourself 100 different things to do. For example, what is work to do and what is personal life to do? And in that what is home to do and self to do? You can pick a couple of things to focus on. Virgo is an earth sign that wants us to be grounded in reality and in our homes - including the home of our internal world. This is a great time to clean up the dust from projects that won't get done right now and put them away with intentions. This is the time to clean our physical and emotional spaces without having to feel like we can't live there when we're done. The goal here is to make what we need to do accessible. 

On Friday we come into Libra, which reminds us that we are not totally autonomous in the world. We are in partnerships and friendships and communities and the work we do needs to nourish us so we can show up for all of these things. As we set our intentions to be accessible, this time reminds us that they can also be beautiful. Mess is as necessary and cathartic as cleaning. Comedic relief is the salve to tragic circumstances. We need a little bit of everything. I like to think of life like cooking, a little sweet, a lil salt, some spicy and sour and richness. To create something palatable and accessible to all of our senses and experiences Libra is here to remind us of what that can look like and how to enrich our day to day with all that we need to grow and live a full life.

On Sunday we move into a Scorpio Moon AND Virgo season, a conjunction that see's us on the precipice of transformation within ourselves and within that also transformation in how we move through the world and the structures we need to support us. I always find it interesting to note the moons we start seasons on to see how that work is going to move for us. Of course this is going to look different for every individual, I'm not preaching any of this as gospel but simply something to sink your teeth into. Scorpio will have us playing one moment and dead ass serious the next, and Virgo wants to compartmentalize all of those pieces. But becoming is not a puzzle and we can't put all the pieces into little bowls to make them easier to access. It's more like a gradient transition and trying to see when the colours change into something else. Part of our work is to accept the wholeness of seemingly separate events, teachings, happenstances. To know that everything is connected and we couldn't pick it fully apart even if we tried. On Tuesday we come back around to the First Quarter in Scorpio... but more on that next week.

While we're still in the fiery Leo season, and especially during a Fire New Moon candle magic is one of the strongest forms we can use. We need all elements to balance our needs and the way we access those needs, but if you need to release something this is a good night to set that out into the world via flame.

If you need to cleanse anything, set it out under the New Moon.

And as always, all of my love goes to you. I hope you are well. I hope you are learning about yourself. I hope you are able to dive deeply into what is important for you in this world.



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