#MOONMOODS - July 12-19

JULY 12 - 19

Good fate to you, that you should find this in your inbox. 

How has Cancer season been treating you thus far? I've been seeing in my own life and through the many facets of the collective via the cards the many awakenings and layers of unravelling + levelling up that are happening. It feels like a cleansing, a transference of our waters and intuition from a broken and dirty vessel into one of our own making.

The Last Quarter Moon is a time of Forgiveness. Forgiveness for me is a kind of surrender. To forgive is to be in the truth of the present with the needs of the present, including the truth of what it is that we truly want to and need to carry with us. This is taking place in Aries, the sign of the self and inner child. Releasing inner expectations that have been formed since we were children, realizing the curiosity and truth of our inner child that always exists, and forging forward with tenacity towards that which calls our attention. We must learn to nurture our shadow inner-child as much as our light inner-child.

The rest of the week in Waning Crescent lunar energies is about surrender. As we move through Taurus, we must surrender to the becoming of ourselves. Taurus, in it's earthbound steadfastness of self is teaching us about the mechanics of becoming and how over time and repetition do we carve out parts of ourselves. We must surrender to the whims of our intuition as it leads us towards practices and rituals that instil a deep sense of self within us. A self that isn't the mask we wear to the public or even to hide from the wrath of our ego. Wherever there is fear, we must remind ourselves that sacrificing our fears by facing them is sacred.

Thursday in Gemini, this surrendering brings us into the present moment. We must learn to be within the gift of the here and now without being in the distraction of the mind that takes us from the true present. Gemini energy fills in the gaps, allowing us to come to conclusions of our personal truth by adding some space - like a breath in our lungs equally giving us clarity of mind, if only for a second. As we allow ourselves to feel, as Cancer will have it, and see where that shows up in the body we make more space by detaching from the stories in our minds. Being present in what is actually happening and the truth in that, the beauty that is putting away the worries that are not concerned with the exact right here right now - the same way we can only be concerned with the sensation of our present breath should we choose to listen.

Sunday, we move into the last Cancer of Cancer season and gear up for the second New Moon in Cancer on Monday. This is where we surrender to where the currents of our emotions take us. How does that tap into something bigger? How can we use our energy not to defend as we skirt around the edges of our ideas and experiences - to surrender to the current to get us where we are going as we allow the shadow to be as cleansing as the light is once we realize our fear is the only thing that taints our experience of the truth of what is unveiled in places of shadow - that being present in shadow is what brings it light. 

I hope you are able to tap into your intuition + truth in these moments, to be the container to hold this truth within you as the foundations of the macro "truth" of society crack open and fissure.

All my love,


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