#MOONMOODS - Cancer New Moon AGAIN! + Leo Szn

JULY 20 - 27

Happy New Moon! This is your reminder right at the forefront to put out your crystals for cleansing tonight, especially during this strange blip in the cosmos where we get a second New Moon in Cancer. Wash away everything that doesn't nourish you and all the energy that goes along with it.

So, lets talk about this New Moon for a hot minute. I talked about it a bit more in depth on instagram but basically, as we're sitting on the cusp of Leo season is a time where we would generally be bringing all the work we've done to cleanse our emotional waters to the world. We're able to take a deep breath, stand into our well-earned spot lights and enjoy the vibrating energy that is August and the height of summer.

But, that's not it. This energy is melancholy. It's turned inwards, remembering that maybe it's not valid once it's seen but only once it's felt. Maybe this work has to go way, way deeper than the surface. Maybe we need to find a way to make the inner-light the spotlight. Maybe we don't need to build up a tower around it to protect that energy, and perhaps the work isn't done. Infact, I'd be willing to bet it isn't.

And that's all okay. Great even. Because if we've learned anything these past 4+ months it is that time slips away from us when we're chasing things that aren't in the present. That rushing through life and becoming serves no one - not even our ego (but it won't realize until later!). There is no mistake more irritating than doing to painstaking work of developing in the dark only to let the light in a little to quickly. So if you're feeling suppressed today, you're not alone. If you're experiencing the tightness in your being while you are growing into your becoming, you're not alone. And if you still need a few moments to whisper sweet nothings to everything you are leaving behind then cherish them. We are being gifted with a little extra time to keep our sacrifices in the sacred light of the unseen. I personally am seeing this as a little bit of grace to grant us some extra power, polish up our intentions, and clear out the static.

Tomorrow, we roll right into a Leo Waxing Crescent. Waxing Crescent moons are our times to set intentions. While the new moons represent a time of emptiness, release, and surrender we must equally fill up the next 2 weeks with our cleaned vessel. Then on Wednesday we move into Leo season, with the energy here asking us to bring warmth, ease, and luxury into our fulfillment efforts. What this looks like may vary, but how I'm seeing it is that the work doesn't always have to be cold and sterile. Sometimes the work feels luxurious, fulfilling and we can stretch out in certain moments of time. This is a time to learn to do that, to find something to sink into even in discomfort. I also want to mention that we're experiencing a particularly long void moon from Tuesday evening - Wednesday evening so sticking to routine and what it is that you already know and have a relation with to find comfort in is going to be key.

Thursday in Virgo, we find an action plan. In your own special way, it will become more clear how to make room for and apply what it is you've been doing. Maybe there are many layers of work that are starting to connect - perhaps in the luxuriating state of Leo you realized there was a better way to organize your energy, things that you've compartmentalized that need to break free of old boxes. Leo Sun helps us take the glue gun to all parts of our lives, adding a little glamour and upgrade. As long as we can stay grounded and practical in what actually needs this energy and upgrade then we can make our work that much more impactful.

Saturday we move into Libra, finding the balance between what we're dreaming of and what we actually have. There is no right or wrong way to build our reality, but going too far in any direction can be exhausting and frustrating. Leo, with it's grandeur, will exacerbate Libra's tendency to go all out in one direction no holds barred. But, still riding on fulfilling this Cancer New Moon we also ask ourselves how good it feels to move to the extreme edge of sticking to your boundaries. Of letting luxury be an inside job of joy and well deserved pride in our growth efforts instead of the praise we get from flaunting things that aren't yet finished or full.

Monday, we move in a First Quarter moon in Scorpio, a time of Decision Making + Action Taking. Although Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign, it's also deeply intuitive and able to see more than the average person in any given situation. As we look at how it is we're going to take what we've cultivated this work and present it to our lives as a kind of structure, we must be willing to look at all the work that's involved and committing to it. Scorpio needs dedication, so if there's anything that you're half assing or not looking into with your full attention it will come to the surface now. Be prepared to get knocked out of the creative reverie the week has been, but equally to be lulled but the knowing of Scorpio waters once we learn to relax and trust its hold on us. Leo is vulnerable in its bravery, but doesn't necessarily want to bring their dark histories and shadow sides into the picture. Scorpio reminds us that to be present is to be accepting and acknowledging of all that we are and make sure our grand plans fit in everything that we are - not just the fun stuff.

Enjoy your New Moon this eve, and cleanse yourself of days passed. You must forgive your old patterns to fully embrace the way for new ones.

All my love starling,


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