#MOONMOODS - A Love Letter from Your Courage

JULY 30 - AUG 5
Happy Leo Season - we're about a week into this strange Leo Season, and I've been contemplating Fire signs a lot. Well - all of the signs. But specifically how they evolve into one another. How the depth of Cancers emotional needs filter into how we luxuriate in our own needs in Leo... How Aries is the sign of discovering + creating self, a Leo is the sign of how we present the self, while Sagittarius is how we become our self.

So while Leo's get a wrap for being self-centred and obsessed with themselves, I think it's more accurate to say that Leo's hold a lot of love, admiration, and appreciation for that which helps them become more of themselves. This can be the work we've personally done to become, the people we love and surround ourselves with, the tools we use to let the world know who we are (like clothing and home decor). There is definitely luxury in this sign, but I don't think that luxury is always based monetarily like we assume luxury to be. It's kind of how soft butter spreads across a perfectly golden piece of toast - and how we can appreciate and be in that in the moment.

So, I've been thinking about this, and about how we started this Leo season off with a Cancer New Moon, and how this is a time of our inner spotlight - of not being out in the world but in our own little worlds and how deeply special and profound that can be. To see and appreciate ones inner workings not for how they are praised and what they can do for the outer world. Although there is still definitely a need for recognition in our inner worlds.

Alas, here we are, now Friday although I started writing this on Thursday with the moon in Waxing Gibbous in Capricorn. The refined energy of this moon phase works well with Capricorn, yet it holds the weight of the lessons of the entire year (The Emperor card in Tarot is what we are working through in 2020). Although Capricorn isn't an inherently emotive sign, they feel things deeply especially when it comes to boundaries. This invites us to reassess how our boundaries are working for us and the quality of our commitments. Are we committing from a place of fear or security? Of preservation or growth? Like anything, it's probably going to be a mixed bag but this is a time to see doing less as our capacity to do more fully. That is, when we take out what is extraneous for us we are able to focus fully on what is important to us.

This can feel challenging in Leo season, when we can associate luxury generally with having a lot of something. This isn't necessarily true or useful for us. Luxury is more about the quality of our presence and care for a thing. Waking up at a time that feels good and making a coffee or tea the way you like it can be one of the highest forms of luxury. Skinny dipping is luxury. Cold water on a hot day is luxury. So I ask you, where in your life can you get present right now? Can you allow yourself to indulge in something simple (or extravagant) for even 5 minutes? Being present requires us to make a choice - the choice that whatever it is we are worried about, keeping close to the chest, or obsessively thinking about to either do that thing or to let it be present when you are ready to work on it.

Being present is setting a boundary between what we are doing and what we could/should/want to be doing. This is a gift you can give to yourself. To get really really honest and ask yourself if whatever is on your mind is motivating you or holding you down? I'm not saying completely absolve yourself of your responsibilities - more make being where you are fully a responsibility. Commit to what it is you need in every moment of your weekend without excuses or guilt.

On Monday we have a Full Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is the water bearer of the wisdom of the world, and a Full Moon is actually an emptying moon. With this in mind we can ask ourselves "what is it that I need to release in order to hold this wisdom?". Aquarius and Leo are "sister signs", so there is opposition and tension between them but also unity. Leo wants to bask in their light and be seen, while Aquarius holds up the ability for true self reflection in the face of a macro picture. It asks us not to see ourselves as small or insignificant in the bigger picture but to recognize the power we hold within ourselves to use our light and attention to lead a way forward when things feel grim, dark, or obscured. This conjunction of energy asks us to look at what it is that is truly important to us and how that holds up in the bigger picture of things. 

Wednesday we move into Pisces, reminding us that the contemplation that Aquarius brings isn't enough. We must have and move with love. We must bring the cultivation of our dreams and our deep psyche to the surface and find gratitude for it. This time of introspection isn't selfish, but another form of luxury if you will. The gift if being able to turn inwards to see all parts of ourselves, to wade through the shadows and hold all that is tender and jagged with softness. I often think of the page of cups when I think if Pisces, with the fish leaping from his cup. The energy here that we're moving through is that when we hold tightly to something there is often a desire to be that thing. To unify with it. To be able to capture its essence and bottle it up in ourselves. Pisces gives us the space to not have to grasp at what we find because it is already within us.

These are days where introspection feels like a gift. Meditate often, find moments of peace with yourself and laughter with those you love. Give yourself the gift of support wherever you need it - and be okay with asking if you need a little help getting there. Whatever we do for the micro of ourselves ripples out into the macro of our world. This is truly a time of unconditional love and seeing from all perspectives - we do not need to choose a place to land in these seeings. Instead, we can learn to hold all of it and be in ourselves the secret third space between opposing forces.

Enjoy the full moon, and a loving reminder to put all your crystals out to charge in the Leo Sun and Aquarius Full Moon.



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