Moon Cycles & Their Meanings For Beginners

Moon Cycles & Their Meanings For Beginners

Moon Cycles & Their Meanings For Beginners

The moon is important to Fiends - the cycles we go through as sentient beings are reflected clearly in the cycles of the lunar phases. This chart has many moving parts, which can make deciphering it a beautiful act of creation as we interpret not only what the moon phases mean, but how we can choose to write our own stories in light of that.


This is the first layer of deciphering the moon, its own phases are the basis of where our energy is put and how it is being used.

New Moon / New Beginnings + Release 

Waxing Crescent / Set Intentions

First Quarter / Decision Making + Action Taking

Waxing Gibbous / Refining

Full Moon / Seal Intention + Reap Endeavours

Waning Gibbous / Gratitude + Introspection

Last Quarter / Forgive

Waning Crescent / Surrender


And then we start with New Moon again. So this is the basis of the cycles we go through, the next layer is the Signs. The moon changes signs approximately every 2.5 days. Because the moon influences how we think and feel about things (if we're not getting too technical) that means we go through different cycles of thought and feeling. Depending on your own chart, this will affect you differently. A moon in a water sign when you're a fire sign might impact you more whereas a moon in a fire sign might enliven you. Astrology is a guide to help us understand these cycles, not necessarily to define them. Every individual will find they are affected slightly differently, and using these tools and knowledge you can start to anticipate your times of challenge and strength.


Aries / Passionate + Excitable

Taurus / Steadfast + Grounded

Gemini / Sociable + Rambunctious 

Cancer / Nurturing + Sensitive

Leo / Vibrant + Authentic

Virgo / Organized + Empathetic

Libra / Informative + Diplomatic

Scorpio / Intense + Motivated

Sagittarius / Curious + Playful

Capricorn / Spiritual + Studious

Aquarius / Individualistic + Humanitarian

Pisces / Dreamy + Particular


These are very generic and positive outtakes on each of the signs, but truthfully everything has its shadow side. While we want to focus on the potential of each cycle and what we can create with it, it's also important to look at the flip side - where things may be challenging, frightening, or cause friction within us so that when things don't feel like sunshine we can pin-point where those challenges are coming from. You can always do more research on the signs, their cycles, and what energy their placement with the moon takes on. Each of these is also significant in that there is always an overlaying theme of whatever sun sign we are in. We cycle through a full moon phase with all of the signs in every zodiac season, so the "same" moon will always feel different from that basis.

How To Put It Together

You now have information on what the moon phases mean, and also the energy of the signs. There are many places to find this information but our go-to desktop site is here and it will outline the phase of the moon, the signs, and even the parts of the body that are affected. You can add layers onto this endlessly - colours, scents, and foods associated with each sign and moon are also relevant and are psychological + physiological ways we can tap into our power alongside La Luna. 

Step One

What Zodiac season are we in? What is the energy and ruling planet? This is the basis of the work we need to do and the energy we find ourselves in. If it is Sagittarius season we might find that we feel playful, want to delve into things we are curious about, have a fiery attitude, are drawn to more powerful and warm colours, enjoy deep conversation and philosophical debates. 

Step Two

What moon phase are we in? If it is Sag season and the moon is in waning crescent, then we find ourselves surrendering to our pursuit of knowledge, letting go of preconceived notions and our boundaries around what we think we know to. You may find yourself going back to things you know a lot about to go deeper into them and letting go of expectations from the people around us to understand where we are.

Step Three

What sign is the moon in? If the moon is in Pisces, during waning crescent in Sag season, the energy might look something like dreaming about how our specific knowledge basis can help us create a business product that helps fill a space we see in our world and all the nitty gritty details of that. We might find ourselves doing in depth research for something that doesn't yet exist or we have no real plans yet on doing, but may see manifest in later cycles that are more action oriented. 


There is no necessarily right or wrong way to do this, it is all up to interpretation and because there are so many planets, it can feel like the combinations are infinite yet many seem so similar. This only skims the surface of the moon and what it means, but is an amazing place to start. 

It's also important to look into the shadow side of these cycles as well, because not everything is always going to pan out in an idyllic way. These cycles are meant to teach and challenge us, and are also often why so many seasons feel so similar to each other. 

Whether you are a beginner or greatly versed in the planetary motions of our world, it is always beneficial to go back to the basics, source information from new places and continually be open to new information and experiences. There is no right or wrong way to interpret these systems, so get playful and let your special skills and insights shine through as you move with the moon.


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