July Taroscopes

July Taroscopes

July Taroscopes

What is a Taroscope? It's the perfect mash-up of our favourite worlds - tarot and astrology. 

While we wouldn't say it's necessarily productive to use tarot or astrology predictively (you can learn more about that on this podcast episode) sometimes it's nice to have an idea of what energies may be showing up - of course we could never tell you of the many ways to paint a picture. 

If you know your rising sign, please read the taroscope for your rising sign as well as your sun sign. 

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Cancer Season

Although these are for all of July, a majority of July time is spent in Cancer season effectively making this the major influence of these themes as we move forward.

Cancer season takes us deep into our intuition - for some it shows up as a voice in your head, others a feeling in our guts or a subconscious resistance and flow we're at the whim of. Our intuition is on the same wavelength here as nurturing and empathy. When we can listen to how we need to be cared for and understand it without judgement, only then are we truly free to do that for others. This sign sees a lot of work being done in the dark - or that is, the shadows. We can't procrastinate the present, nor should we... but sometimes we need to follow what tethers us to places other than here and now. Cancer season allows us to flow down all of our roots - deeper than even our own lived lives. This is a time of deep healing and nourishment if we can trust and be held by the shadows that arise in this work.

How To Read Taroscopes

Sign (I would recommend reading your rising AND sun sign)

Card 1 - the energy you are embodying | Card 2 - where that energy is grounded


3 of Wands | 7 of Wands

Unsurprising Aries energy, this month sees you moving deeper into the adventure of becoming yourself. Taking what it is that you love, are passionate about, and skilled in to help support you as you move through the demands of the world. Remember, if people want your energy then you are the one in a position of power. Don't move forward because you have something to prove, but because you have a desire to explore and become. 


Justice [R] | The Empress

The first of our Venus ruled bubs is feeling the injustice hard - and for good reason. What we thought balanced and protected us turned out to be stifling. The magic place of Justice is to find a way to use our minds to protect that which is vulnerable while it grows. This is rooted in The Empress which gives you an edge of finding the truth of the systems and how we can find new ways to be at home with our reality without compromising the work needed to preserve it.


3 of Wands [R] | Page of Wands

Gemini, your journey is inward. Cancer season is a sign that brings you out of the head and into the heart, reminding you to nurture and cultivate the paths to finding yourself WITHIN yourself - not just out in the world. The roots of Page of Wands sees you using your playful and curious energy to invigorate your journey even when parts of turning inward feel like they could trap your airy spirit. Remember, build a relationship with yourself not something to be bound to in yourself. 


Page of Wands | 7 of Wands

Page of Wands brings the naivety back into becoming. Sometimes when we let ourselves listen to the inner child, sink into what we don't know and become humble we can do some of our heaviest lifting for ourselves and our community. Don't let the world bully you into a place you feel you need to be, but equally remember that being defensive doesn't move you forward little crab. Find what sparks your joy about learning more about yourself and how you can grow.


Temperance [R] | 8 of Pentacles

Balancing the inner voice vs the perceived outer voices is hard. Leo, you get a big wrap for being full of yourself but aren't we all in a way? The work this month is to look inwards for balance. The world will over work you any way it can. The path to uncovering your true self and purpose is hard work, but when we find reverence for this work and these paths we become powerful in our belief in self and don't need the external validation to see that our dreams are, infact, also a feasible reality. 


King of Swords | Death

You're taking ownership of your mind. Of course, we must do this over and over again in life but what a gift to be able to have a clear and concise feeling of being in our power. The swords sit at the bottom of the hierarchy, so the boundaries you push and limitations you break within your mind will start to refract in the other facets of your life. The foundation of Death see's that these changes are ushering you into a new phase of being where you must surrender what you're holding onto and find reverence for the sacrifices we make for that which is sacred to us.


Strength [R] | 9 of Pentacles

Often when we think of Strength we think of brute force, it is physical. Strength turned inwards asks you to find that which is strong in you, yes, but also that in you which needs support. That needs hands to hold your heavy heart. It is okay to know things are okay - often when we are safe is when we have the place to process our pain. But through this care you dig your heels into the soft earth of 9 of Pentacles and know that good things take time. Take sacrifices. Take a whole lotta patience and perseverance before we see the fruits of our labours. 


2 of Pentacles | 3 of Cups

Water in a water season, trying to balance going back into the world after feeling how good it is to be held by ourselves and our homes. But our self worth is not in our productivity, and we can put energy into trusting the world and it's cycles instead of controlling them. Tell your closest people about your fears, let the reassurance of your world co-regulate you into knowing its totally normal to have ups and downs even if they are intense. It's not your job to make sure the wheels keep turning all the time. 


2 of Pentacles | Queen of Swords 

It's tough for you to make a choice when you see all that's available to you - especially when you have your eyes on what you perceive to be the prize. You are allowed to be suspended in the place between choice for a while. There is nurturing and becoming in the stillness of being right here right now, knowing that we can aim and consider our investments at any point but to be in the gift of becoming right now, before you know what you will emerge as.. You will never get that back. Enjoy it. 


4 of Cups [R] | The Hierophant

There are many things that you can do, but now is a great time to ask if you do things because you are good at them or because they actually nurture you? When you say no to things that don't fill your cup then you make space for that which does. There is no right or wrong choice in how we spend our energy, but being rooted in the Hierophant is asking you to take a look at your values and what you find integral in your life and match that up against what you allow into your life. 


Blank | Ace of Cups

Classic Aquarius, tapped into the wisdom of the world. Knowing that anything is possible; our thoughts, minds, bodies, and overall energy are more or less a blank canvas. When we can see ourselves as something to create we give ourselves permission to become. When rooted in the Ace of Cups, there is an acknowledgement that where we invest our energy and emotions at this moment is full of potential - like a little seed. To come into the world and our creation as an individual and in our communities embodying peace and nurturing allows us to build up from a place of wellbeing instead of trying to squeeze it in.


10 of Cups [R] | King of Wands

You dreamer, you know that perfection is a myth - an excellent fantasy. Yet we still want the easy, the fulfilling, that which takes hard work without having to be vulnerable or sacrifice. This time allows you to tap into where you have been deluding yourself and rebuild up your visions of fulfillment. Some may even be better than you imagined. The King of Wands energy that grounds you creates a container for your waters - when we allow ourselves to surrender to our circumstances we can build and break boundaries of becoming accordingly. 


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