Golden Membership

The perks of a membership are unrivalled - but so is the accountability.

At Fiends, we want to support you in the rituals that make you feel like you

Our monthly membership program is affordable at $45 with tons of perks including monthly readings + crystals, access to workshops and events, and special discounts. 



Whether it's what we wear, how we take care, tokens, talismans, or simply checking in. We offer options for creating personal rituals to support the unique, ever-evolving fiendings of you. 

Crystal Infused Bath Salts


Tarot Readings


 Our tarot readings are focused on education and empowerment. We see the cards as a trajectory of your energy - like a weather forecast. With the right insights you have the power to change or enforce what you see in the cards.

“Forests’ strong intuition, coupled with her poetic dialogue is both unique and charming. I found her tarot reading to be exceptionally accurate and calming. She worked well with my inquisitive nature and happily explored any questions I posed. She relates easily to others just as others will relate to Forest.” – Olivia Chelsea

Fiends Crew Neck