Tarot Readings

“Forest’s tarot readings are a no BS look straight into your soul. She has this magnificent way of tapping into your energy and using the cards like a mirror giving you a snapshot of exactly where you are and what you’re headed through. Whether you’re looking for confirmation for what you’ve already been feeling, or need to clear some muddy waters for new direction I can’t recommend this girls readings enough. She’s so good at vocalizing what the cards are saying and clarifying anything that may have gotten lost in translation.” - Lindsay Umlah, Momgasm Podcast

“Forests’ strong intuition, coupled with her poetic dialogue is both unique and charming. I found her tarot reading to be exceptionally accurate and calming. She worked well with my inquisitive nature and happily explored any questions I posed. She relates easily to others just as others will relate to Forest.” – Olivia Chelsea


Private Appointment Booking

Whether you want to shop, chat, or just need a place to land for a moment our private appointments are here for you.

Our intimate space is perfect for you (and a friend if you wish) to come have one of the most unique and curated experiences in Halifax.

Ritual set up with a journal, candles, crystals, oils, and tarot cards.

Moon Moods

Your hotline to La Luna and her wild ways. Our newsletter is more like a love letter to guide you through the cycles of energy that we move through, journalling prompts to take you deeper and updates on what's new at Fiends


Your New Favourite Podcast

Impractical Spirituality is our take on talking about the taboo and mystifying aspects of Spirituality. From figuring out what sacred space is, to diving into tarot and astrology, we're here asking the hard hitters alongside you in our humorous and easy listening podcast.

Grab a bubbly water, a puff, and ease into a moment spent with us deciphering all the ins and outs of this thing called Spirituality.

Hosted by Forest Greenwell & Amanda Baiocco

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